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Hangar Ticinum, a Multi-functional Public Space, Renovation in Milan 

Client : TerraViva S.L.



2400 m2 



Milan, Italy

Colleboration :

Alan' Architects


1 floor
2 floor

This work is dedicated to the memory of architect Pagano as a human and to the transformative power of time. Simplicity, clarity, functionality, and experimentation of innovative technologies, which characterized the last work of Pagano, were therefore appreciated as principals of the concept to reproduce Pagano’s pathway with more inclusive decisions that are grounded on the human scale and the demands of diverse bodies. 


The minimal contrast interventions with a flexible program were preferred to emphasize this historical narrative. A flying glass box as the Idroscalo itself was located gently in the middle of empty space to define a multi-functional ever-changing event place. Another glass box is merged with the existing volume to expand a public workspace for the younger generation - students, start-up founders, and freelancers. A glass terrace above the greenery is added to broaden a panoramic view along the river and to allow the community to connect with the most exquisite part of the hub.


Transparency does not only allow one to experience the ambiance of a heritage but also gives the opportunity to be more democratic and equal, in contrast with self-enclosed rationalism. The hangar program provides effective public uses to people of different ages with various needs 24/7. It is an accessible hub to all. The main glass box is also a light source in the darkness. The transformation of the floor and the ceiling, depending on the use, is a constant reminder of the mobility the ordinary person and the ideologies in today’s world.

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